1000 Priority Club points for watching 90 sec Video

Priority Club Points 300x168 1000 Priority Club points for watching 90 sec Video

This is third Free Points offer from Priority Club in last three days and it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Get 1000 points simply for watching the 90-second video. The video is the upcoming ad for Priority Club Select Visa Card by Chase.


Go to this website – priorityclub.com/visa1000 and login using your Member Number and Pin. Then enter this promotion code – MSPAOQR6F2.


It took me just 2 minutes in total to earn this Free 1000 Priority Club points. I value these points a lot as it could be used for booking Priority Club PointBreaks Hotels. PointBreaks enable you to book a hotel room for merely 5,000 Priority Club points. If the hotel you want is available on PointBreaks, you then just book them like Normal Award Rooms at PriorityClub.com. See my earlier post regarding the list of the hotels in the US that were available on  PointBreaks


Only One Promotion Code per Priority Club member i.e. You cannot reuse the same promotion code again for the same Priority Club member. After watching the video, some people  are getting the offer for 80,000 priority club points (for signing up for the Chase credit card) for NO minimum spend and NO annual fee 1st year which is pretty sweet!


If you want to find out what is worth of the 1000 points, you can check it here. But as I said above, I like to use these points for booking hotel rooms available on PointBreaks. Also these points never expire so you don’t have to worry about them.


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