Only Two more days remaining for AMEX Prepaid Card Promo

AMEX Prepaid Card Promo to Purchase a $200 American Express Prepaid Card And Get A $25 Gift Card For Free will expire tomorrow – 08/31/2012. See my complete Review of this deal here.

In addition to that post – Be sure to take a screenshot or print the page when you see the $25 offer! You should see the offer after clicking “get your card now”.

Also, some readers have reported success in getting up to three bonuses per Card purchaser, One per Card user name, and up to three users. In other words you can purchase 3 prepaid cards of $200 each in the names of 3 people and get $75 of free gift cards. But you will need to make separate orders to get additional cards. I would not recommend doing that because the terms and conditions put the limit to only one $25 Gift Card Per New Card User named on a Card. And American Express could deny you the gift card if they feel that you have violated the terms of the offer. You can definitely apply for 3 AMEX Prepaid Cards, as long as they’re for 3 different people like your spouse, relatives, etc.

Other AMEX Prepaid Card Promo Benefits:

  • You can load up to $2500 per month: that allows you to make larger purchases using the card, without having to use multiple gift cards. If you load $1000/month using the Ink Bold to buy reload cards at Office Depot, that would be 5000 Ultimate Rewards points per month, and 60,000 points per year. If you are doing this then be cautious and don’t withdraw all the cash you load on the AMEX Prepaid Card through ATM withdrawals. AMEX is known for rigorously monitoring usage of its cards and you’ll likely either get selected for a financial review or  have all your AMEX accounts closed. Use the Prepaid card for regular purchases and be sparing with your ATM withdrawals.
  • Use it everywhere where AMEX is accepted
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • No credit pull when getting the card
  • No fees
  • 1 free ATM withdrawal per month (subsequent withdrawals are $2 each; note that the ATM provider may also charge an ATM fee)
  • Purchase protection: covers theft or accidental damage of eligible purchases made with the AMEX prepaid card from 90 days from date of purchase. Limited to $1000 per occurrence and up to $50,000 per Card User account per caldnear year. To file a claim call Customer Service at 866-207-7970
Step 1 - New Applicants: Fill in your information
Amex Prepaid Cards 1 Only Two more days remaining for AMEX Prepaid Card Promo

New AMEX Prepaid Card Promo Application: Fill in your information


Step 2 - Load $200 from your Checking or Savings Account

Amex Prepaid Cards 3 Only Two more days remaining for AMEX Prepaid Card Promo

Load $200 from your Checking or Savings Account


Step 3 - Agree to AMEX Prepaid Card T&C’s and Submit your Application

Amex Prepaid Cards 4 Only Two more days remaining for AMEX Prepaid Card Promo

Agree to AMEX Prepaid Card T&C's and Submit your Application


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