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Free $25 Gift Card From American Express when you order a Prepaid Card and load $200 or more at the time of order. 

Offer ends August 31, 2012.


American Express Prepaid Card

American Express Prepaid Reloadable Cards AMERICAN EXPRESS PROMOTIONS



Review of this AMEX Promotion

This deal is very similar to one that they had in June – See here. Back in June I ordered three cards, loaded $200 on each of them and within 15 days, I received three $25 American Express Gift Cards – see the picture below. I am going to order couple more of these for myself. Both New and Existing card members are eligible.

Steps to get your FREE $25 Gift Card:

  • Step 1: Order your Prepaid Card here.
    • Select the option: “I would like to order a new Card (I don’t have a temporary Card).”
    • Remember, You must add $200+ at the time of ordering to get the free $25.
    • You will be asked for your SS#, however, NO credit check will be run.
  • Step 2: Once your card has shipped, Activate your card and Set up your account
    • Your $25 FREE American Express gift card will be sent to you via mail within 6 weeks
  • Step 3: Use your American Express Prepaid Card at a merchant to purchase an item or withdraw the cash from an ATM – See more details below.

Any Credit Checks and Fees?

There is NO credit checks whatsoever. Also there are NO fees associated with the card (see the complete FAQ on AMEX website here) and you can spend the money like cash i.e. wherever American Express Cards are accepted.

This is from the American Express Prepaid Card website

Plus you get Purchase protection, Fraud protection & Roadside assistance similar to what you get from a credit card. You can load the card for free via online bank transfer, and it ships fee via USPS 1st class mail. In fact, this card is better than most other prepaid cards on the market that are branded by Suze Orman, reality TV stars, etc.

Existing American Express Prepaid Card Holders eligible?

Even if you have had a Prepaid American Express earlier, you are still eligible for the $25 gift card bonus if you order a New Prepaid Card and load $200 or more at the time of order  – that’s a nice 12.5% return on your deposit.

T&C’s state that the offer is valid for all New Card orders with a Single $200 loadincluding additional/supplemental accounts associated with an existing Card purchaser’s account. So the Existing Card Holders must order a NEW card to receive the gift card. Reloading money on the old card will not work.

How many can I get?

Terms and Conditions put the limit to only one $25 Gift Card Per New Card user named on a Card. So you could order one for yourself  and another for your spouse for a total of two cards. If you have additional members in your household, you could potentially get more.


Picture of the Gift Card that I received from June Promotion


Free ATM Withdrawals

You even get one Free ATM withdrawal per month (up to $400 per day) if you can find an ATM that doesn’t charge a fee on their end i.e. Amex will not charge any fees, but the ATM might charge a fee . WAWA is one such chain of convenience store/gas stations on the East Coast which doesn’t charge any fees for withdrawals from their ATM machine.

American Express will charge $2 per withdrawal after the first free one.


Other Tidbits

  • Keep in mind that the card must be Active when the gift card is sent, which could take up to 6 weeks after opening (but usually, its much quicker). It means that you shouldn’t  just withdraw or spend the $200 and then close the card; you should wait until you get your Gift card. American Express will de-activate the card if you don’t have any transactions for One year after getting the prepaid card.
  • Another little tidbit from the user agreement is that “The Card is not intended for use for gambling or adult entertainment purchases, which you agree NOT to make with the Card.”
  • Cannot be sent to residents in the states of Arkansas or Vermont

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  1. Diana

    Thanks Rick for this post. Just wanted to share that I also signed up for another AMEX prepaid card called ‘Serve’, then loaded that card using the above AMEX prepaid one. Normally, it costs a fee to do that, but of course, as it turns out that the Serve card is waiving all credit card fees until March 2013.

    So sign up for the Serve card, use the above AMEX card to load the Serve card, then withdraw the money to your bank from the serve card. I’ve tested this out already (and withdrawn roughly $245 to my bank account) with no fees incurred. :) )

    I’m sure many have this card already as it was an article on your blog previously, but for those of you who don’t have this, this is an easy, fee-free way to get your money back.

  2. Lisa

    Last time, I had loaded the $200 but 6 weeks later there was still NO $25 Gift Card so I sent a secure messaged and got the statement credit adjustment. Then yesterday, the GC also came in the mail! Its a huge YMMV but one could send the message to CS and see if this would work for them.

  3. Rohit


    I found your page via Facebook and I am glad that I did that.

    One thing I like to add is that you can also use the Amex Prepaid card at any grocery store and withdraw Cash (as Cashback) for FREE i.e. without any withdrawal fees.

    Last night, I spent $5.36 on buying soda, and couple other things, plus I withdrew $200 “cashback” at the cash register. This is with NO ATM fees at all.

    Once again Thank YOU so much for informing about this offer. I have already made $150 with this and the previous offer couple of months back.

  4. Nun

    Loading from a bank account is a big turn-off.

    • Nun, for this promotion, Credit card or Debit card is not an option. I have no problem in loading directly from my bank account since the bonus amount of $25 is decent amount for 5 minutes of work.

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