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Discover is offering an extra $100 cashback on $500 spend. Plus, you still get all the standard Discover shopping perks, and a bonus 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for 12 months.  Offer Link

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Discover Back to school Discover More Card Back To School Special Offer

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Following Review is provided by the regular reader of Travel Haggler – Michael Hart

If you shop at popular retailers, you can’t go wrong with Shop Discover. If they have a vendor as a partner, you can bet that the cashback percentage will be way better than other cash back programs from certain websites.

Discover’s normal cash back program needs improvement. Most people don’t read the fine print on this program only to find out later that all of their purchases at super stores, discount stores and warehouse clubs only qualify for a quarter percentage point on each transaction total. So when you spend $100, you get a whopping 25 cents at these locations. I can live with that because it’s in the fine print.
The next problem is the fact that I have to spend $3000 before I start to get a full 1% cash back. The first $3000 only gets one measly quarter per $100 spent. The cash back for that first $3000 won’t even be enough to buy a single dinner at a family restaurant.
Now for what really ticked me off. Remember that you get a quarter percentage point at the super stores, discount stores and warehouse clubs. That’s OK because it’s in the fine print. The second part that is not disclosed (at least not in a conspicuous place) that the purchases at these types of stores do not count toward the $3000 goal.
I found this piece of information to be very irritating. According to Discover’s Spend Analyzer, I had spent over $3000, but I was still getting a quarter percent on my daily purchases. I had to ask a customer account manager in order to get to the bottom of this one. The sheepish response was that while I did actually have over $3000 at that point, about $1500 was at these discount stores and warehouse clubs. The amount of cash back that I missed out on was only about $12.50, but it’s the principal of the matter that I don’t like.
Discover has the best customer service folks in the business, but they need to work on their rewards program. Their biggest competitor does it better. They offer 1% on everything. No restrictions.
Overall I like using my Discover card and for now I’ll continue using it. But, as soon as my year is up and I have to hit the $3000 mark again, you can bet I be whipping out the competitor’s card for the majority of my purchases.

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