Discover Open Road Card – Review

Discover Open Road Card - Great card for gas, groceries and dining out for up to $250 each month

As the name indicates, this card from Discover fits in the GAS Rewards Category. Nowadays, Discover is getting accepted at a growing number of places . . . Most Gas stations and Restaurants now accept the Discover Card. That is huge, simply because this specific card earns you 2% cashback on the first $250 in gas and food you spend with the card in any month.  There are very few cards that give you a 2% cashback and this card is one of them.

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Discover Open Road Deal Discover Open Road Card   Review

Discover Open Road Card


A lot of folks like the “More“ brand of cards by Discover . . . however with the Open Road Card, you skip the ” 0.25% until you spend $3 ,000 in one year” minimum threshold. While its still there – but it does not apply to the gas and food expenses. So you should limit your spending with this card to only $25o on Gas and Food  in any given month.

Here’s an additional piece of advice I like to give:  Use the ShopDiscover website to earn between 5% and 20% cashback ( you’ve got to shop through their website) at places like Home Depot , Best Buy , etc . – and select the in-store pick up. Not only you will get your 5% cashback, but you can also dodge the shipping charges that you’ve have to pay when you shopping online!

0% Intro APR –  The Discover Open Road Card has 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months. You can transfer your outstanding debts to your new Discover card account and pay zero interest for over a year! Also, you will not have to pay interest charges on your purchases during the promotional time period.

Downside : The APR for Discover cards is generally quite high. Also as I always say, You’should pay off you account balance in its entirety every month (as you’d must do for gas and food expenses anyway).

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