AwardWallet is a free online tool that helps you keep track of your award program points (such as Airline miles and  Hotel points) in one convenient spot and also alert you if your miles are going to expire. You can even grant others access to your information. You can track several international award programs like Jet Airways & Etihad Airways. The most notable programs missing from the list currently is American Airlines and Southwest Airlines (largely due to the fault of their loyalty programs). Aggregating all those different hotel points and frequent flyer miles into one site is incredibly useful for those of us (read: me) that are less than organized!

Pageonce is a mileage manger and invaluable for keeping track of miles and points all at one place. Its iphone app has been repeatedly selected as one of the top apps. It is similar to Awardwallet and includes AAdvantage.  I like the feature where it sends you an alert message whenever there is any activity in your accounts like New miles added or deducted. I use this in addition to my Awardwallet account. In addition to your miles and points, it can track financial and leisure information, such as your Chase, Citibank,  Amazon, Paypal, LinkedIn, and other accounts.

Flyer Talk is the most vibrant and  interactive online community dedicated to Travel . It provides inside scoop on all things travel. The site features discussions among travelers of all levels – from family vacation travelers to mileage junkies – covering the most up-to-date travel information on frequent flier programs, making the most out of miles and points, general travel, airports, destination and dining information, and beyond.

While Flyertalk has far more information, it is a bit cumbersome if you aren’t going there almost daily and spending tons of time reading & digesting everything. MilePoint, while newer and filled with less content, has more than enough info and a very welcoming & friendlier attitude.

Tripit is an online travel organizer that allows travelers to organize their trip details into one online itinerary. After you make reservations, you can send your travel confirmation emails to TripIt and the Web site will act as your personal travel assistant and organize all the details of your travel in one place. TripIt users can also add notes, photos, maps, directions and a weather forecast to their travel plans and share their plans with other users.
One of the leading airplane seat information sites on the Internet. SeatExpert will show you (in as much detail as possible) which seats are the most desirable on your next flight, as well as which to avoid at all costs.

FlyerGuide is the ultimate resource for travelers who want to learn more about frequent flyer programs, earn more frequent flyer miles, and get more from their travels. Its wikipedia for frequent flyer programs.

Yes, thats correct its miles with a “z”.   Its a great website that allows you to look up any Airline Rewards program and compare. It tells you how many miles you need need to travel from one location to another. It can compare any Airline Rewards program.  You just need to put in the Route information and the Programs you would like to compare and would do the rest.

A great forum for help on improving your credit score. Also, has really good sample letters for lot of situations and also a creditpull database, which can help you see which credit bureau each card pulls for the state you reside in.


Airline Frequent Flyer Programs: This is not the complete listing of ALL Frequent Flyer programs . But , it is a listing of Top programs that provide the best opportunities to earn and redeem rewards points.

Hotel Loyalty Reward Programs: This is not the complete listing of ALL hotel loyalty programs . But , it is a listing of those hotel loyalty programs that provide the easiest ways to earn and redeem rewards points.

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